September 26, 2015

Smart Premise

Tools to make your home or business “smart” are here. Now put your premise to work for you. Solutions offers Clear2There Smart Premise services that allow you to sense the environment in your home and offer you controls to make it the way you want to be.  Whether in your home or away, you can have the convenience and peace of mind that knowing things are ok no matter.  Add IP cameras to the mix and you can see what happening too.

The advantage of service with Solutions is you can add logic to your system and have sensors and controllers work together for you. Many over-the-counter systems are standalone and don’t integrate with other tools. With Solutions you can combine a lock and a camera and see who is at the front door and let them in if you need. Use a water detection kit in combination with a camera to detect whether your basement is flooding. Program windows and door sensors to trigger a notification to you if their connection is tampered or opened. With over 50 controllers and sensors, the possibilities become unlimited.

Solutions Clear2There Smart Premise service is a self-managed solution. For a low monthly price, users can add as many sensors, controllers, cameras, and rules to their system as they like. Some build up their Smart Home portfolio over time by adding sensors and controllers as needed. Others prefer to manage a suite of tools up front. Video storage is extra if users choose to store their videos. Stop by and have one of our team demonstrate the system and help you with a quote.



Temperature & Humidity sensor: Monitors temperature and humidity in a single device

Garage Door Open/Close sensor: Detect garage door open & close

Energy Consumption monitor: Home energy consumption monitor

Motion detection: Detects motion in a designated area

Door/Window sensor: Monitors opening and closing of doors and windows, additionally includes contact closure connection.

Flood Water detection: Detects water in areas of concerns. Can be configured to detect the lack of water.

Smoke/CO detection: Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke Detector



Smart Thermostat:Smart thermostat control for home or business heating/cooling systems.

Appliance outlet control: 3-prong controller enables the control of lights and appliances. Switch on/off remotely and at switch

Heavy-duty outlet control: In-Line 30 amp 220V heavy-duty switch and electricity consumption monitor.

Light dimmer control: 3 prong controller for lights and appliances. Dimming on/off remotely and on/off at switch.

Outdoor grounded-plug control: Outdoor 3 prong controller for lights and appliances. Switch on/off remotely and at switch

Lighting Control On/Off switch: Enables wireless control of on/off functions of hard- wired incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent lighting. The on/off switch replaces your current light switch, uses your existing wiring and provides Z-Wave wireless and in-wall control of overhead lighting.

In Wall Duplex receptacle: Supports on/off control to floor, table light and/or smalll appliacnces. Direct replacement of standard duplex outlet with one-pass through and one controlled outlet.

Touch Screen or Push Button Deadbolt lock

Touch Screen or Push Button Lever lock



Wireless IP cameras with resolutions up to 1280×720 using H.264 compression and SD card connectivity

Wired IP dome cameras with full HD resolutions 1920×1080 using H.264 compression, full duplex audio, and infrared capabilities

Wired IP bullet cameras with full HD resolutions 1920×1080 using H.264 compression, full duplex audio, and infrared capabilities

Wired Commercial PTZ cameras with resolution up to 1280×960