September 28, 2015

Sound Bars

The picture quality on high-definition TVs is through the roof. The rich, vibrant colors, the Full HD picture clarity, and bright backlight all contribute to an enhanced viewing experience. Curiously as TVs have become thinner, the overall design has become more compact leaving less space for quality speakers that are capable of high, mid and bass quality sound reproduction. Remember, the goal for high-definition TVs has been for narrower bezel frames and thinner overall screen thickness, not necessarily sound quality.

polkaudsb5000Well – thankfully the rich sound that many people desire in their home entertainment systems can be replicated using a sound bar connected to your TV.  Depending on the sound bar and overall budget, users can experience different levels of sound quality ranging from simulated 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems.  Moreover, sound bars are increasingly capable of connecting to other devices, such as tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth technology. By including wireless connectivity, users are able to stream their music collection from their devices and aren’t restricted to using your sound bar only on your TV.

Have questions? It is like most things involving sound, you need to hear it for yourself to decide. Stop by Solutions and try out the different ones we have hooked up and on display. You will be amazed at the quality you can add to your home entertainment system.