September 26, 2015


Trying to determine what TV you need for your space can be a challenge. I often hear from customers that they want the biggest TV available. The old adage “bigger is better” holds true for TVs except when your room is too small. Fortunately at Solutions, we have different sized sets on display to demonstrate what size TV you need for your space. We have a 70″ Sharp HD TV display in our large classroom. Stand too close to the TV and the picture will appear flawed. Stand back 12 feet and the picture on the screen emerges as a life-like experience. Similarly, we have a 32-inch high-definition TV on display in a more confined space. The display is quite impressive if you are only 5-6 feet away. Stand 12-15 feet back and the features on the screen become lost to the viewer.

Solutions carries Samsung LED J5200 series high-definition sets.  Stop in and try one out. These TVs are Smart and have lots of great features, such as Full HD 1080p clarity.  You can enjoy a clear moving picture with an amazing refresh rate, processing power, and backlight display. The Smart TV GUI allows you access to your favorite programming whether it is live TV, your favorite social media or an over-the-top service, such as Netflix. The TV also supports a full web browser so you can enjoy the WWW from the comfort of your living room.

The hardware provides you multiple ways to connect your set to different devices. Each TV sports two HDMI connections, two USB interfaces, as well as one Component and one Composite interface each. With built-in Wi-Fi, there isn’t a need to run a ethernet line to your TV, just have it connect to your local wireless router or access point and voila, you are on the Internet.

LED J5200 Series


Available in:
40-inch  |  43-inch   |   48-inch  |   50-inch

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