September 28, 2015

HDTV Accessories

brhdmicableLike most things the devil is in the details and people struggle to know all the details. At Solutions we try to demystify technology and make it accessible to everyone. We all know quality when we see it but did you know that the cable you use to connect your system together can impact both the quality of the picture and the sound.

bropticalaudioSolutions has the different cables you need to hook up your system. We have HDMI cables available in a variety of different lengths. We also have HDMI extenders. HDMI cables provide the best picture and sound quality reproduction for the price. We also carry optical audio cables to connect sound bars and sound systems to your high-definition TV.

Maybe you have an older standard TV and need Component or Composite cables to connect to your set top box to your TV. We also have RCA couplers, recessed wall boxes, and cable access straps.  Stop by Solutions, chances are we can help you get things connected.